Jeffrey Park ~ Vivid or Livid

Scars on a deeply lined face
Kodachrome film
sadly no longer available
Mom reading the note from Teacher
the text you received yesterday evening
your wife’s expression
as she read it
the Speaker of the House
coming out of a caucus meeting
un visage familier, monsieur
a rump roast someone’s head resembling
memories, dreams
pictures at an exhibition
bruises running slowly together
Bengali cooking, a curtain of turbulent fire
ghosts, spirits, shades
with strangely evocative foreign accents
a corpselike pallor
the last thought
in the mind of a young soldier
killed by friendly fire.


Jeffrey Park lives in Goettingen, Germany where he is Lecturer for Scientific English at the Georg-August-Universitaet. His poetry has appeared most recently in UFO Gigolo, The Camel Saloon and Phantom Kangaroo. Links to all of his published work can be found at


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