Adam Henry Carrière ~ Il Trittico on Tour

I ~ The Grey

Where white blossoms labor
against the concrete dolor,
a grey unlike any other blooms,
like frost tickling under the tree bark.

The intricacy of the local pagoda
belies faith-invested monuments,
unrequited bodies rolling, dead-ish,
from one corner of the sky to the next.

In your colorless green eyes, accepting
the pitiless season in one stare, the steel
lamp post melts with heaving breath.

II ~ The Turtle

Inside the comfortable verdant
and ornate wood,
with a strange stone phallus
balanced on his shell,
the turtle’s grinning
at the gloom-hung poet
who can’t find the words
to simply say ‘hello’.

III ~ The Garden

At the base of a senile battlement,
in plain sight of miniature flowers
and toy shrubbery, a man lies in dirt

a gravel of moans, thinking
in rice vodka spittles
why he hadn’t the strength
to catnap in the garden, instead.

The other stone men just watched
as you wrote without a sound,
equally, energetically ignored.


Adam Henry Carrière is an online habitué specializing in letters, publishing design, and instruction. A former NPR broadcaster, he holds a BA in Film & Video from Columbia College and an MA in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. He has taught writing at both his alma mater and for the United States Navy across the Pacific. Born on the South Side of Chicago, Adam resides in Las Vegas, where he has won the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry. He styles as Verleger / Herausgeber of Danse Macabre, Nevada’s first online literary magazine, and DM du Jour, its daily gazette. He is the author of Miles, its sequel Shant, and the poetry collections Faschingslieder and Rhododendrons of the Sea.

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