Jim Meirose ~ Face the Consequences

Tickle me pink all ye yon bro-men—remember the gorilla shouting off through the mouth of the science teacher way far back when, Never leave your territory bro consequences will follow over that hill yonder yes yah man that one there don’t ask what one I said that one bro when nearly too deeply in but not no way never deep enough as we are yeh bro yes yah bro-man this is a barrier worth being skirted because there will be consequences there will be there will be yes many consequences—starched-up food follows; the Beethovenesque forward point men conse stopped to set up a recapitulation, an unusual move quences yah bro-boy for them since their first theme now returns to D major before modulating all backwards before reversing the consequences chip dale all forwards sniffing out every available endhole in search of a suitable tonic from which to launch the second theme, young Dale-Chip partnerpals, pity them though as their hip boots by this time were nearly full with water because of the rough repetitive rubbly floor ripping by under conse going and coming thrusting quen and quen receding quen plus quen the rubber all ces straining at the sodden ces straps. So quite consequently reminiscent of the way their last expedition conse failed because of their misguided use of a minuet in F minor with a trio; quences quences yah yah c-o-n-s-e-q-u-e-n-c-e-s with the return of the panburger minuet partner strongly embellished, they rise.

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