Ron Larson ~ The Kiss

Adapted from a story by M.E. Royce

Oh, how he longed to kiss Mrs. Jones,
And she would love to kiss Mr. Green,
But he had a wife and kids at home.
And she, too, knew what a kiss would mean.

They even pledged not to touch each other.
Why break the Seventh Commandment, too?
For three years they had worked together,
And they were proud to have stayed true.

But now he was leaving for Boston.
A new job was waiting for him there.
Thus, their tense relationship would end.
Gone would be the chance for an affair.

On his last day, when he told her goodbye,
Tears were in their eyes, as they backed away.
He closed the door, and his steps weren’t light
As he descended the stairs that last day.

Then she heard the footsteps returning.
Her stomach was churning when she saw him.
They kissed deeply, with their lips burning.
Just seconds later, a heart attack killed him.


Ron Larson is a retired community college history professor (Ph.D.), and one of his hobbies is writing poetry in the manner of Gerald Manley Hopkins. He has had weird poems published in several magazines. The poem above will be included in his book, “Another 99 Weird Poems In Rhyme,” which will be available from Amazon this summer. Larson’s website is: Address: He welcomes correspondence.

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