Skin on the Book of Faces

Once again Muck Suckberger’s FB have punitively blocked DM du Jour Publisher Adam Henry Carriere for posting ‘nudity’. Once again, the anodyne geektard censors of FB are entirely WRONG – according to FB’s own so-called ‘community standards’. The pic in question (the cover of his novel SHANT) does NOT depict ANY form of sexual activity defined by FB as:

Visible genitalia (known to disturb geektards)

Visible anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks unless photoshopped on a public figure (a curious exception indeed)

Uncovered female nipples except in the context of breastfeeding, birth giving and after-birth moments, health (for example, post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness, or gender confirmation surgery) (Suckerburger has spent years closely researching these), or an act of protest (nipples being an area of particularly deep psychic trauma for the normative geektard)

Sexual activity (a matter of deep confusion, divisive debate, and reckless soul-searching by FB staffers), including:

Sexual intercourse (sought avidly by normative geektards with no public record of success)

Explicit sexual intercourse, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person’s genitals or anus, where at least one person’s genitals are nude (unconfirmed reports suggest this passage needed to be farmed out, as no FB geektard could successfully navigate the language)

Implied sexual intercourse, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person’s genitals or anus, even when the contact is not directly visible, except in cases of a sexual health context, advertisements, and recognized fictional images or with indicators of fiction (Muck Suckerberger is said to have personally developed this language)

Other sexual activities (verified by FB geektards after months of thorough PornHub research) including (but not limited to):

Erections (widely held as talismans of evil throughout Silicon Valley)

Presence of ‘by-products’ of sexual activity (over two hundred geektards were said to require medical attention & trauma counseling researching this point) 

Stimulating genitals or anus, even if above or under clothing (don’t knock it until you try it, geektards)

Use of sex toys, even if above or under clothing (no, Suckerburger, that does not include stock options, undeclared roubles, collared shirts, or battalions of lawyers hired to keep icky Senators from asking mean questions)

Stimulation of naked human nipples (you know, what happens when you think secret data harvesting is still secret)

Squeezing naked female breast except in breastfeeding context (the career ambition of every geektard the world over)

Fetish (a concept unknown to FB until it was explained to them by the foreign trolls who sodomized the platform to steal the ’16 election) that involves:

Acts that are likely to lead to the death of a person or animal (troll accounts, fake news, data mining, and rank censorship are just fine, though – Mucky Suck says so)

Dismemberment (like an algorithm that doesn’t work, just messier)

Cannibalism (like allowing data harvesting, as long as it’s kept secret)

Feces, urine, spit, menstruation, or vomit (which FB research indicates are all possible symptoms of wanton transparency & inadvertent public responsibility)

A state of sexual arousal (research into which is said to have crashed FB internal servers)

An act of sexual intercourse (just like being f*cked by data mining, bullied by FB censors, stalked by foreign trolls, and gulled by fake news without the cocktails or exchange of icky precious bodily fluids, which CEO Suckerburger champions throughout the world) posted in an attempt at humor or satire (though FB algorithms recognize none), or if educational (you know, the birds and the bees and yellow showers in the Moscow trees) in nature …

To issue (another) spurious, punitive block for a pic that does NOT fall under ANY of these conditions is clearly a willful act of bullying – if not homophobia – on the part of FB. The ‘offending’ pic does NOT rise to the level of nudity; there are literally millions of pics on FB right now of shirtless young males. There are millions more of female legs in a similar state. Are all these being removed for spurious nude content, or are FB’s actions limited only to those who have publicly called out the platform for its abject failure to prevent data mining, foreign trolls, and fake news to debauch the platform – and of Suckerburger’s ‘sorry not sorry’ non-apology for allowing these abuses to occur under his nose while denying them repeatedly until they became undeniable?

Any FB user not disturbed by this manifest cyberbullying should consider how they will respond when they become subject to similar repeated abuses.

The latest block of Adam is nothing but pure hypocrisy, a punitive act of bullying by faceless ciphers indulging in rank censorship. This unjustified block should be lifted at once. Facebook’s continued abuse, bullying, censorship, and harassment of this member will not be tolerated.

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