Wither du Jour?

No, we have not gone away. We are not dead or ailing. We are in temporary abeyance.

Due to the cyber-bullying whim of Jiff Suckburger’s algorithms and cheap South Asian overseas help, we have been blocked from over 5,000 followers on Mother Russia’s second most favorite social media penetration. As such, we are keeping in reserve our scheduled March offerings until this arbitrary, capricious, and punitive block ends.

Fear not, Macabrista. The web’s finest collection of daily macabrely, both classic and contemporary, will return in April to fight the forces of algorithmic fascism, gangster troll bots, and the deadening dominance of the ivory ossuary over online letters.

In the meantime, do peruse our voluminous archive of over 2,000 works of fanciful fiction, world poetry, and the art of the Macabre.

{And don’t miss the premiere of DM 114 ~ Venusberg as well as the release of the sixth DM anthology Belles-lettres on Friday 13 April.}

In the meanwhile, we commend Jiff Suckburger, his censoring algorithms, and his prudish overseas minions to the devil.

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