JEHRICO ~ Classic American Storytelling!

“Tom Sheehan is a prolific wordsmith who excels in every genre.  Whether poetry, short stories, mysteries, westerns, fiction or non-fiction, Sheehan paints with words in ways most writers can’t imagine.  In these eleven stories, he takes readers to the old southwest and treats us to life through the eyes and heart of Jehrico Taxico.

“The hallmark of Tom Sheehan’s stories is exceptional prose creating memorable characters plunked into the middle of stunning topography.  Readers become a part of Jehrico’s world as falling stars climb and dive across the prairies, as night and sleep inch their way to blackness, or pure, cool water reveals gold nuggets hidden in mud.  This is a reading experience I highly recommend.”

~ Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review

“As a lifelong reader of stories of the Old West I found all eleven Jehrico stories uniquely untypical, and presented in a compelling manner that firmly attaches the reader from the first sentence onward. Describing my emotion while reading these stories can be stated in a single word – fun – as I was gripped by Jehrico’s adventures. Reading Tom Sheehan’s narratives grabbed me as a reader. I enjoyed these stories and highly recommend them to others.”

~ Raymond Greiner, author

“The Old West has never been rendered as funny and poetic and touchingly human in so succinct a style as it is in Jehrico’s spare but succulent little gems. Tom Sheehan is a master story teller, his language and imagery deeply satisfying to the literary imagination, his characters, simply a whole lot of fun to spend time with.”

Nancy Kelley Author, The Whispering Rod

 Introducing Jehrico Taxico – dubious part-time businessman, hero junk collector, and leading citizen of the eponymous Bola City, in the wide-open American Southwest of old. And like his literary forebears, Jehrico is as much a state of mind as a character. In JEHRICO, author Tom Sheehan (The Westering, the Harry Krisman Mysteries) brings the Western current, speaking to contemporary readers about somehow surviving in a splintering culture and sustaining a secure community in both spirit and place, blending hitherto simple folk into courageous figures seeking lives of their own even while linking hands for the common good.

Journey with JEHRICO into classic American storytelling that awaits you inside each of these seventeen magical tales.

Now available in quality paperback exclusively on!



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