Peter Marra ~ Gods and Monsters

a small wooden cabinet:
inside – an antique glass bottle – my father’s
appendix suspended in green-yellow fluid.

it was removed when he was 5 in 1932
it happened after seeing Frankenstein.

he got pains in his gut
and it was ignored
“the movie was so scary it must be fear”
floating in pain
while the Monster
touched his sweaty brow

transfer these ideas into the dark

appendicitis 2 days later
he almost died as he liked to tell me
the nurse gave him the appendix as a present
he took it home
he took it to bed

encased and caressed by
bolts of lightning from
Colin Clive’s generators in the castle

we watched the old
horror movies together
chiller theater
the souls and the symptoms

every so often he would take the bottle out
and show it to me and
tell me the story
external walls

and he would always say
that Boris Karloff
was his favorite actor

transfer these ideas into the dark


from Peep-O-Rama, now available in paperback from Hammer & Anvil Books.

Originally from Gravesend, Brooklyn, NYC, Peter Marra lived in the East Village from 1979 to 1993 at the height of the punk / no wave / art and music rebellion. He has had a lifelong fascination with Surrealism, Dadaism, and Symbolism, some of his favorite writers being Paul Eluard, Arthur Rimbaud, Tristan Tzara, Edgar Allan Poe, and Henry Miller. Peter also cites Roger Corman and Russ Meyer as influences.

His earliest recollection of the writing process is, as a 1st grader, creating a children’s book with illustrations. The only memory he has of this project is a page that contained a crayon drawing of an airplane, caught in a storm. The caption read: “The people are on a plane. It is going to crash. They are very scared.” His parents were always disturbed by that 1st book.

A Dadaist and a Surrealist, Peter’s writings explore alienation, addiction, the function and misuse of love and attraction, the curse of secrets, the pain of victimization and the impact of multi-obsessions. He has had over 200 poems published either in print or online in over 25 journals.

His published works include approximate lovers (downtown materialaktion) from Bone Orchard Press and Vanished Faces (a performance of occult infections) from Writing Knights Press.



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