Patty Patten Tiffany ~ Drei Gedichte


Swimming beyond the reef,
I flap and dive,
Then rise,

Not to see where I go,
A compass, deep in my DNA
Steers me back to my birthplace.
Where I ran for the sea and its peace,

Tormented by gulls,
Ravenous racoons,
All to stop me
From my destiny.

Now, as I crawl back up that dark beach,
I remember those who crawled with me,

On our first night,
Under a full moon,
Legs flailing, desperate
To reach the unknown,

The cool touch of tide
Always before us.


Tropic Ice

Your hammock is empty,
Still swaying from your departure.
Where have you gone with those ice blue eyes
and tight blonde curls?

Back to the caves where we dove,
Under the aqua waves, deeper than we ever go,
Where the quiet is stronger than fear,
Stronger than your arms around me
When your heart beats with mine,
So briefly.

Are you behind the coral?
Trapped in the dark wave of sea grass?
I am swimming faster,
Trying to keep up but now must rise to breathe,
I surface like a turtle, blinking in the light, startled.

Then I feel you somewhere beneath,
So I dive again, sliding down, down,
Reaching into the dark for those ice blue eyes.


Key West Dawn

I sneak over low rooftops
And roosters
To light up the water

And warm a weary cyclist
Pedaling to work
In a hot kitchen.

I paint storm clouds
Pink and gold,
Let rims of pastel anvils kiss,
Across the horizon.

Just as you stretch your toes,
And I
Peek through
Dark curtains

Warming you
And a lover,
To another tropical day.


Patty Patten Tiffany is a Friend of the Macabre who travels widely & writes from Key West, Florida, USA.

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