Jamie Parsely ~ Binding

Even this eludes me—
this common sacrament
now made so freely available.

And what is this?
a lifting up—
a straddling of shoulders?

What kind of matrimonial
photos are these? Who
holds whom?

Who raises whom
to these marital heights?
Let’s rejoice, I say.

Rejoice, and ignore
what find its way
outside your angry fingertips.

These nuptials were never
meant for you, it seems.
Except, that is,

to stand there
between them
in their lifting up

and to bind together
what no one can ever
put asunder.


Jamie Parsley is the author of twelve books of poems, including, most recently, That Word (North Star Press, 2014) as well as a collection of short stories, The Downstairs Tenant (2014, NDSU Press). His poems have been published in journals, magazines and anthologies in the US, Britain, Canada and Japan. He received my MFA from Vermont College. In 2004, Jamie was named Associate Poet Laureate of North Dakota by current Poet Laureate Larry Woiwode.

Read more of Jamie’s poetry in DM 108 ~ PRIDE, now live @ http://www.dansemacabremagazine.com


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