John J. Dunphy ~ Trois Scifaiku

his pen-packed pocket protector —
a square
in this parallel universe


martian colony
walking with my child
I point to a twinkling light
“daddy is from there;
it’s called earth”


eyes in the back of her head —
the elementary school’s new teacher
from another planet


John J. Dunphy‘s haiku, scifaiku and free verse have appeared in numerous journals over the decades. His collections of poetry include “Old Soldiers Fading Away” (Pudding House, 2006), “Zen Koanhead” (Second Reading Publications, 2008), “Dark Nebulae” (Alban Lake, 2009), “Touching Each Tree” (Free Food Press, 2014) and “Stellar Possibilities (Alban Lake 2006, Revised Version 2016).

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