Tom Sheehan ~ A Simple Bugle Call is Heard

A simple bugle call is heard,
a sonata comes my way,
Recall is its single word,
here just two of us today,

from ranks when we stood abreast,
comrades in our stitched-up rows,
allow visions of how we dressed
for war, where ranks always close,

come down to we gentled few,
old bones and minds askew,
motley formed our members are
constituents of Korea’s war.

The mountains loom lately, yet
their paths so often parallel
another world we can’t forget,
we know driven parts of Hell.

A thinned out, calmed visitor,
holds memories so combined,
comes through my kitchen door,
Oh, final image in my mind

of where we spent our war,
like a rifle’s shoulder kick
oft left its ugly scar
only battle gets to pick.

Now this brother of command
sits at my table’s spread,
a salutary meal at hand
and thoughts of all our dead.

(Composed this day 5/27/17 for Comrade Charles Chuck Rumfola,
visiting 217 Central St., Saugus, MA, 65 years from our past.)


One comment

  1. I am blithe and buoyant at comrade Chuck’s visit after 65 years, meeting once more a great story-teller and memorable soldier sitting at my side for six hours of a momentous day. Chuck signed my 1000 Korean Won bank note after a pause of these 65 years..

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