Patty Patten Tiffany ~ Yellowstone

Fog cloaked the peaks
At dawn
When we set off,

Winding through the valley
Snips of snow,
Then rain,

At last a rainbow
Nestled between
Rock giants,

Just before buffalo
In hundreds crossed the stream,

And ravens tore an old carcass
As wolves came closer,
A black one in the lead.

Past another hillside, a bear feasted on berries
Readying for winter,
Sleek and huggable…
From a distance.

Then sun turned every aspen to pure gold
And kissed with last light, rocky crags, already snowy, into shining glory.

Now dusk dims our path,
A coyote slinks by in shadows
Waiting for darkness,

Which comes quietly
As it does in Yellowstone,

Where millions of years of silence object
To the human tide,
And drown us out so easily
With the Milky Way and a dazzling shooting star.


Patty Patten Tiffany is a traveler and dedicated Macabrista who writes from Key West, Florida.


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