Give the Gift of Fanciful Fictions for Easter!


Introducing Jehrico Taxico – a dubious hero, part-time businessman, hero junk collector, and leading citizen of the eponymous Bola City, in the wide-open American Southwest of old. In JEHRICO, author Tom Sheehan (The Westering, the Harry Krisman Mysteries) brings the Western current, speaking to contemporary readers about somehow surviving in a splintering culture and sustaining a secure community in both spirit and place, blending hitherto simple folk into courageous figures seeking lives of their own even while linking hands for the common good. JEHRICO is classic American storytelling in the grandest tradition of the Western.


When a frightened young woman brings a black diamond with inexplicable powers to the door of private detective Jack Harriger, he begins a descent into an occult murder mystery that gets him framed for serial murder and leads him to Georgia’s barrier islands. Along the way he enlists the aid of Liz Mab, a local bartender and practicing witch, who helps Harriger chase clues and overcome his painful past. When Liz is kidnapped, Harriger must take to the sea to stage a daring rescue and crack the case of the mysterious relic known as the Diamond Eye and the murderous cult that covets it.

DIAMOND EYE delivers all we expect and love in a mystery. Along with action, suspense, an overcoat-wearing detective named Harriger, and questions so dark and intriguing we have no choice but to keep on reading, Graves’ skill in winding up the tension and conveying unforgettable characters appears here in full force.” ~ Justin Nicholes, author of ASH DOGS and RIVER DRAGON SKY.


ROWDIES Final Cover

Every pastime has a beginning. Chock full of facts and folklore, legerdemain and legends, ROWDIES depicts professional baseball in its infancy. It is the story of Connie “Yank” Griffin, and out-of-work laborer who becomes a professional base ball player to feed his young family, and team manager G.E. Devlin, universally considered “The Greatest Man Ever to Grace the Diamond”. Together and with the rest of their Nine, they take us on a journey through one season of late nineteenth century professional baseball – a world where beer sold by the quarter is drank by the gallon, where cheating ballplayers will do anything to win – or lose, and where an aging legend can ride the back of a desperate kid towards a final shot at glory in the twilight of his storied career. Fans of historical fiction and lovers of baseball alike will delight in this tale of balls … and strikes.


Arlene Greene’s debut novel QUICKSAND is a jewel of resonant and memorable images: scenes that will echo for the reader forever. The characters are those found in the most ubiquitous encounters – beleaguered by economic pressure, and how that duress impacts love, loyalty, and, especially, family and its ties. Yet Greene never reaches for the easy palliatives of pathos or romance. Hers is a keen eye, but determinedly compassionate. Readers will easily identify with each family member’s struggle as they unfurl within their unique perspectives, providing a gripping foretaste into their own psyches as well as ours. QUICKSAND is a vivid and powerful unveiling that leaves readers with a no-holds-barred story that ultimately fills the heart.



The sheer immensity of slaughter and dispossession has paralyzed the minds of us all. It has made amnesia a world necessity. How else could anyone have endured the loss of so much that we have loved? To find continuity, to preserve sanity, this has been the heroic struggle of our ignorant murderous age. Douglas Penick’s FROM THE EMPIRE OF FRAGMENTS is a magisterial collection of four short stories and a novella recounting the lives of a Cambodian dancer, a West Indian indigent, an Indian sitar player, an Albanian professor, and an Amazonian native. Their stories deal with love, memory, fidelity and continuity in the face of profound loss. Lovers of short fiction will be entranced by the command of language and sheer human drama used to weave these unforgettable bittersweet tales.

“These beautiful stories are connected by the themes of dislocation and wrenching change in the lives of protagonists who are carried through events beyond their control or ken. Their matter-of-fact voices belie what must have been their deepest confusion and fear in the face of such change. The flow of the narratives, together with the calm of the tone of the voices, lead the reader to the same acceptance of circumstances that the protagonists must come to – they have no other choice – and in fact they survive and take on new lives in the best way they can. This flow says, here is life, and so it goes. I loved these moving stories and their rich adornment with Penick’s gorgeous writing. Read them slowly to enjoy every word. Five stars!” ~ Julia Garry



Adam Henry Carriere’s debut novel takes you on an unforgettable journey through the limbo of emerging sexuality between teenagers to chronicle a way of life barely imagined by those outside its boundaries. Beset by the collapse of his blood family, Miles feverishly struggles to find and make meaning of his eruptive gay yearnings. Accompanying Miles on his journey, you will be well repaid in pure entertainment. However, Carriere also writes in symbols. His players are natural forces, natural people (by harmony and contrast) and he is always questioning. He makes you connect emotionally. He makes you laugh, in humor and relief. He makes you hope for certain outcomes and pleases you, when the road not taken turns out to be the one you’ve been on all along. He is, in short, continually asking you what friendship – and love – not only are but can become. And without apology or cliche MILES is his pleasing yet dynamic, literary yet romantic, bittersweet yet hilarious answer. If you think that only one thing can happen between gay teenagers, surprise – and delight – awaits you.

“Carriere’s writing is at once cerebral and highly emotive, set against a tapestry of sights and sounds that position the reader inside Miles’ troubled, elegantly analytical mind. Woven through the Sturm und Drang are bright threads of love, friendship, acceptance and compassion. MILES transcends expectations and at the close of this euphony there is nothing left but to sigh, having completed a journey through the highs and lows of humanity and come to rest with a glow of satisfaction. Five stars!” ~ Leanne Hanson, author, GHOST DREAMING

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