Give the Gift of World Poetry for NaPoMo!

Gift the globe with these unique collections of world poetry!

Destinations BEALE a
The viewer of art watches the artist paint. The reader of poetry gets the back story.
English poet Jonathan Beale’s THE DESTINATIONS OF RAXIERA gets readers moving, gets them talking, whispering, hurting, and dreaming. Beale speaks of rituals and cleansing; the invisible among us who have disappeared; dark secrets being told on the stairway at 48 rue de Lille. Beale animates moments in time and expands the tiniest visual details into sensitive and engaging verse. THE DESTINATIONS OF RAXIERA is a must-read debut for all lovers of contemporary international poetry.


AHC Faschingslieder
FASCHINGSLIEDER {Carnival Songs} is a collection of 99 poems from Adam Henry Carrière, author of MILES and publisher of Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine. This gathering traverses many poetic styles ranging from short lyric pieces to extended narrative works with an array of recurrent themes such as physical and spiritual geographies, the weight of ancestry, culture, and dream worlds, the nexus between sensuality and sexuality, and mosaics of queer identity – real or perceived, false or profound – within a materialistic society. And throughout, there is Music – literal music; verbal, linguistic, and stylistic music; the music of love, loss, and lust; metaphorical examinations of the music of Beethoven and Shostakovitch, jazz, blues, and American soul. The title FASCHINGSLIEDER itself references a very early work by Johann Strauss II, indicating the mesmeric effect exerted by bella musica Wien on this unique poetic voice and the capacious works collected herein.


SPACED speaks to a time that hasn’t yet forgotten, or forgiven. Each poem is an echo, a voice leveled in tonality, like a sounder that is used to measure the depth of water but in the process causes reverberating ripples all around its space. South Asian author Sheikha A. navigates the philosophies of love and spirituality in search of the aura beating within both. Can adoration be alchemized into new forms of divinity, into images that transcend demarcations into lucidity? SPACED eschews reasoning for feeling, exploring avenues of balance within imagery and patience through the beauty of the precisely-selected word. There is no stillness of heart in this extensive and empathetic collection.


jhane 4 peep o rama
On 7/31/2002 42nd Street, Times Square a.k.a. the “Deuce” heaved it’s final death rattle. As the New York Times reported: “The formal closing yesterday of the last peep palace on 42nd Street, Peep-O-Rama, was a coda in the rebirth of Times Square as a kinder, gentler place. The sex shops and naughty tape stores have been wiped clean from the famed street.”
This is the starting point for Peter Marra’s breathtaking PEEP-O-RAMA where no one is innocent and we can only watch in disbelief. These NSFW poems expose the inner workings of the psyche, a dissection of the state of America past and present, an exploration of love, alienation and addiction. It’s populated with creatures from the underworld: robbers, killers, addicts, hustlers and go-go girls gone berserk. This is an adult collection of verse you will not soon forget.


A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS is an intimate exploration of the senses and the sensual, wrought in the spare yet passionate verbal landscapes that have brought international acclaim to its author, Serbian poet Tatjana Debeljački. Each poem appears in its original Serbian form as well as in English translation: Poetry lovers in both languages will delight in this unique collection from Hammer & Anvil Books, “Les éditeurs électroniques de lettres outré” …


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