From the Empire of Fragments

“These stories expose the least obvious parallels and rhymes across of lives, cultures, and histories. Each ‘fragment’, some deeply personal and tragic, others anthropological or fantastical, falls into patterns connecting ancient, modern, and imaginary worlds. Five stars!”

“Beautifully written, presenting a fascinating overall fabric of stories deftly bound together around significant human themes that reach well before the surface. The author’s background makes him very well-suited to fictionalize actual historical events with great depth and skill.”

Penick FRAGMENTS 1The sheer immensity of slaughter and dispossession has paralyzed the minds of us all. It has made amnesia a world necessity. How else could anyone have endured the loss of so much that we have loved? To find continuity, to preserve sanity, this has been the heroic struggle of our ignorant murderous age. FROM THE EMPIRE OF FRAGMENTS is a collection of four short stories and a novella recounting the lives of a Cambodian dancer, a West Indian indigent, an Indian sitar player, an Albanian professor, and an Amazonian native. Their stories deal with love, memory, fidelity and continuity in the face of profound loss. Lovers of short fiction will be entranced by the command of language and sheer human drama used to weave these unforgettable bittersweet tales.

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