“What a Strangely Beautiful Work of Art …”

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Miles is Adam Henry Carrière’s same-sex Bildungsroman about coming of age in Chicago of the 1970’s. Like Danse Macabre, the online literary magazine he has published since 2006, this book is full of life’s delicious, opulent things. One way writers with such socio-economics have traditionally established their value is by the delicacy of their appreciation and presentation of the material and sensual worlds. Proust’s style is every bit as lapidary as his gemstone collar studs, and Carrière’s phrases are fine as his food and furniture, resonant as the classical albums his protagonist purchases in abundance. Young homosexual love is crystallized in facets of the first water, and set in narratives that glimmer like platinum. Carrière’s hero suffers all the emotional difficulties that obtain in those parts of the world where poverty hasn’t choked adolescence to death. But even in Miles‘ Young Wertherian sorrows, he walks with all the unquestioned self-assurance of one who knows that he is entitled to be gravitated upon, and gratified by, this planet of his.”
 ~ Tom Bradley, author of Bomb Baby and My Hands Were Clean.


“A coming of age story every bit as intense and vivid as James Joyce’s “Araby”, Miles is filled with spot-on truths about the glory, force, and pain of adolescence. As the narrator tells his story we hear a voice that is both insecure and confident in waves of learning and knowing as he tells of family, friendships, new love, and blossoming sexuality. An eloquent and extremely perceptive young man, Miles discovers and uncovers truth after truth about himself and others and never falters in his path, even when it leads to sorrow. This tender, sweet tale nearly startles in the accuracy of its portrayal of the powerful emotions of young love, and the genuine fear of being alone. I could really see, hear, and believe in this character. The opulent layers of detail and of place and time immerse the reader deeply in Miles’ world, and I truly felt I had been on the journey right along with him. This novel was a joy to read.”
~ Arlene Greene, author of Quicksand.


“Immersed in the words of Miles, the reader discovers a complexity of character with a level of introspection rarely found in such a visceral narrative. Carrière’s writing is at once cerebral and highly emotive, set against a tapestry of sights and sounds that position the reader inside Miles’ troubled, elegantly analytical mind. Woven through the Sturm und Drang are bright threads of love, friendship, acceptance and compassion. Miles transcends expectations and at the close of this euphony there is nothing left but to sigh, having completed a journey through the highs and lows of humanity and come to rest with a glow of satisfaction.”
~ Leanne Hanson, author of Ghost Dreaming.


Miles is a brilliant narrative detailing the journey from sexual awakening to love. The narrative flows exquisitely. Carrière documents both passion and desire in a work you will not easily forget. A very moving work, I truly hope it gets the recognition it so richly deserves.”
~ Peter Marra, author of Peep-O-Rama.


“A five-star coming-of-age gay story that has the emotional intensity of a symphony (musical references abound)–but avoids all the pitfalls of over-wrought sentimentality, not to mention the same old, same old gestures of disaffected youth. The writing is fresh, often beautiful, and the descriptions of Chicago in the 70s–neighborhoods, diners, schools, and suburbs–provide a colorful backdrop to the narrative. Miles (the protagonist) relates self-discovery and journey from adolescent to adult in his own unmistakable and charming voice (which is to say I liked Miles right away): his intellect, humor, empathy, and honesty. Young love, like so many other themes in literature, is not easy to write–but I feel that Carrière is at his best when describing the complex, often awkward, and unforgettable moments of attraction (the longing, excitement, tenderness), as well loss and mourning. The dialogue? Well, that simply rocked. One great scene followed another and many memorable lines make up this book. A gorgeous work.”
 Kathryn A. Kopple, author, Little Velásquez
miles-pbAdam Henry Carrière’s debut novel takes you on an unforgettable journey through the limbo of emerging sexuality between teenagers to chronicle a way of life barely imagined by those outside its boundaries. Beset by the collapse of his blood family, Miles feverishly struggles to find and make meaning of his eruptive gay yearnings. Accompanying Miles on his journey, you will be well repaid in pure entertainment. However, Carrière also writes in symbols. His players are natural forces, natural people (by harmony and contrast) and he is always questioning. He makes you connect emotionally. He makes you laugh, in humor and relief. He makes you hope for certain outcomes and pleases you, when the road not taken turns out to be the one you’ve been on all along. He is, in short, continually asking you what friendship – and love – not only are but can become. And without apology or cliche MILES is his pleasing yet dynamic, literary yet romantic, bittersweet yet hilarious answer. If you think that only one thing can happen between gay teenagers, surprise – and delight – awaits you.

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{And don’t miss the sequel!}



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