Rush’s Deal ~ Five Stars!

* * * * *

A piercing glimpse into a world under-explored in American art

* * * * *

This book kept me totally enthralled

* * * * *

I couldn’t put it down; the characters crept into my dreams

* * * * *

An amazing debut, intriguing on many levels

* * * * *

A completely enjoyable way to spend a weekend

* * * * *

A.S. Coomer is my new favorite author

rush-coverRush Walters is a comic book-reading teenager looking for all the answers, and he’s willing to look in all the wrong places to get them, too: from calling upon guardian angels to summoning demons, employing tasseography bibliomancy – and black magic – Rush is oblivious to the price he and others must pay for his Faustian desires. RUSH’S DEAL is a headlong dive into the dark side of the quest for knowledge. Part non-visual comic, part alternative history of a forgotten swamp & its cursed residents, A.S. Coomer’s debut novel is an E-ticket ride for intrepid kids of all ages.


Available exclusively on from


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