Linda Imbler ~ Queen of Cups


“I love her and she in turn loves me,” Jonathan insisted to his roommate Glenn.  “She is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever known.”

Glenn snorted.  His response less than encouraging to this romantic heart.  “The woman is deceitful and calculating.  When you can no longer offer her what she seeks, she will be gone.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” protested Jon.  “She’s kind and honest.”

“You can’t see past her duplicity, her dishonesty, if you will.  She will cause you real emotional hurt, my friend.  Please understand, I am really trying to protect you from your own vulnerability,” remarked Glenn.

“Again, you are confused. A loving woman on my side and by my side.  Someone faithful and true,” said Jon, in an attempt to refute.

Glenn again sighed, becoming more exasperated as he asserted to Jon, “Your contentment is false. Your sense of security is false. She is faithless.  Are you truly not aware of her clandestine encounters with other men when she thinks you are otherwise occupied?  Yes, to your face she appears to show love and warmth solely to you.  But again, for the most selfish of reasons.  You have things she wants.  She is a poser.  Again, I say faithless.  She flatters you and makes you believe.  But she has no more concern for your well-being then she does for anyone else’s.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous!”  Jon exclaimed.  Then, he added in a boastful manner, “I have, of course confronted her on this issue.  We have had an open, frank discussion on the matter of her supposed, Oh, how I hate to emote the quote marks, ‘dishonesty”’ and ‘disingenuousness.’ The last time we talked about it, she was so hurt by the accusation she started to cry.”

“Jon, I beg of you, do not fall for the crocodile tears.  That does you no service.  You are the only nurturer here.  Whatever she wants, you give her.  Meanwhile, while you are busy attending to other things, she seeks excitement with others in ways not loyal to you.  I do not understand how you can remain unaware of the deceptions she exhibits.  Her treachery will be your total undoing and you will suffer greatly.  Please, hear me on this.”

Through the reinforced window in the door, Head Nurse, Ms. Whitcomb, watches this exchange.  She turns to the newest nurses’ aide, Mr. Felix, and remarks, “He’s been staring at that old daguerreotype for 30 minutes.  That thing is at least 150 years old and so faded you can barely tell what that woman looked like.”  Mr. Felix probes, “He couldn’t possibly have known her.  Is she an ancestor?”

“I don’t know for sure,” she answers with great concern in her voice.  “His schizophrenia makes it quite difficult to communicate with him on a rational basis.  He’s extremely disassociated from reality.  I hate that he’s always alone in that room, but….”

“She really does love me,” whispered Jonathan once again to Glenn.


Linda Imbler has work forthcoming in Ascent Aspirations: Friday’s Poems. Other poems were published in,,,, Fine Flu Journal, Bunbury Magazine, Blognostics, Nailpolish Stories, Mad Swirl, Unbroken Journal and Broad River Review Literary Magazine.Linda’s short stories have appeared in Fear of Monkeys and Danse Macabre. This writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player resides in Wichita, Kansas.

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