Peter Marra ~ The Sweet Skin


(a Catechism for the Ruins of a Country)

the birth of the bloated FuckPig destroyed the
Book of Knowledge
and unleashed Negative Manias
as it claimed ownership of a diseased landscape

Who made you?
watch out stab it cut it blind
fight it
spit it out
puke it up
throw it right back

the reorganized church burned brightly
ever since the Christianization of
a-symmetric bondage annihilated a good fuck

Who are they?
then the pinwheels spun left to right
a day was harder
a night became impossible
her skin glowed under black light due to the
influx of chemicals and some
orgasm inducing drugs
What is Sin?
she craved another brutal endeavor
another experimental subject
her skin was backlit for
an emphasis of her silhouette
they didn’t send her
here to pant and cry
they sent her here
just to get her revenge

Can you see It?
watch out
slam it back
blow it up take the money
then crash

Have you a soul as well as a body?
during a submissive holiday
of traditional interpretations of subsequent emotions
wait to feel it
can’t really touch the moist then gooey
filmy image of her face leaving
pushed forward a good way
round ass up
cheeks parting slightly watched

Who were our first parents?
until penetration was achieved and
she ripped the flesh off
its bones
achieved profit
achieved the liberation of
a slippery vagina on a leather motorbike seat

feel genuine love

What is your soul?
the third woman knelt amid repercussions
the landscape split
the horizon was twisted upon itself
ignorant beings emerged from under garbage
feasting on the carnage of the USA and Walmart
reveling in their victory

the birth of the bloated FuckPig destroyed the
Book of Knowledge
and unleashed Negative Manias
it was overheard on main street

What is sanctification?
she castrated it with glee as she played the
avenging Whore of Babylon
proud of her sins as she ran free and naked
in between stares and under gazing monitors
her cunt was hers and it blazed in beauty

What does every sin deserve?
you’ll like people surrounding you
with their multiple buyer personas
beautiful blue/ black dead in the car

in the alley
on feminine streets and shops
her lust will pass
give way to genuine love
a profoundly disorienting experience
on a heart decaying
on a life gone sour
on a street of dreams
on the street of multiple names
it’s as aggressive as our deaths

a thorough persona analysis sucked for that mean taste
relishing self-flagellation
bombing crazy love

Who can change a sinner’s heart?
and she said:
“no one is here anymore remembering me
remember my affection & how you threw it
in the toilet and made me watch
unwilling to relinquish the pain”

we had climaxed in the car near the keeper of the dying twilight
we had burned brightly

just trying to recapture that rush
haven’t had a bang/ flash in 7 years

the white-powder just sustains our lives now
no additional goodies

slowly drive then crawl through

What is meant by transgression?


Read more of Peter’s poetry in DM 105 ~ Audela coming 3 Feb 17 @



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