Gregory Autry Wallace ~ The Blue Light

carol-lombardThe girl felt she had become
a ghost with silver hands
her brain, a pink tea rose
burning to talk
silent and safe from the world
moon crystals folded over,
the boy found a blue light
view of his “real” face lasted an instant
people are rarely people
at first he mistook them for a small police car
“they” were not real

Her great dark eyes took in the nightmare
strong little hands at the base of her skull
owls linger in gigantic trees,
she crept after fluttering body
sailing over islands of clouds
Grey smoke drifted from the gun,
at the edge of the woods he fired
in late June there was
still plenty of magic
she covered her face with
the palms of her hands

She turned her head and
pieces of oblivion dissolved
she leaned across the stones
and closed her eyes
her cheeks flushed
to the color of a grey mist
she was buried three days afterward
but all of that was long ago
the girl’s features faded to ash


Gregory Autry Wallace is a poet, painter and collagist living in San Francisco. He studied English, World and Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. His poetry and collages have appeared in Athena Incognito, Atticus Review, Black Scat Review, BlazeVox and Five 2 One. He was a poetry editor for Ink Magazine and a founding editor of Oblivion Magazine. Mr. Wallace is the author of The Girl with Seven Hands and is currently working on a poetry collection.
Read more of Greg’s poetry in DM 104 ~ Tête-à-tête now open at

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