Ron Larson ~ The Headhunter

itslisnsInspired by a story by O. Henry

On this dark night, I’m going to take my life,
Because I know quite well my mind isn’t right.
Three years in the Amazon at last got to me,
And now the Belize police are after me.

I can’t get those headhunters out of my mind.
I see what’s in their wicker baskets all the time.
Those unseeing eyes are fixed in a terrible stare,
And the dried blood and matted hair are hard to bear.

And now I have become a headhunter myself.
Oh, how I loved that lovely woman above all else!
I was down with a fever of one hundred five,
But I felt I just had to see the light of my life.

When I arrived, she was very pleased to see me.
Yet she knew I was sick, but she had a recipe.
She said: “Coconut pudding will break your fever.”
So I soon left to find one just to humor her.

I returned with what I thought was a coconut,
But it turned out to be the head of James Chestnut.
He was my bitter rival for the heart of my girl,
So that’s why I have decided to leave this world.


Ron Larson is a retired community college professor (Ph.D.), and one of his hobbies is writing all kinds of poetry. His poems have appeared in such diverse magazines as DM, Soul Fountain, Westward Quarterly, Big Pulp, Aphelion, The Horror-Zine, and The American Dissident. His website:

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