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It is happening across America: Sons and daughters are being lost, have gone missing, fleeing homes they were born in, slipping away into the night, never to be seen again. Where some are reported, a few mentioned in a scant TV aside, fewer still in the odd newspaper, below the fold, well in back. If appropriately sensational, such tragedies might even merit a soon-forgotten study. The rest are just statistics waiting to be collated – sleeping under cardboard or in dumpsters, plying the oldest trade with countless others, or killing time locked away in jails and detox centers and other institutions, bodies emaciated, minds scrambled for good. The most damned are never reported at all, never found to be counted later: Hidden away in caged rooms in quiet houses on old farms, well off the public road, their bodies abused nightly until death, the final demise the only welcome partner.
It was happening in Massachusetts too, especially in the Greater Boston area; on the North Shore, in the affluent western suburbs, in towns and cities where the roads to Cape Cod run. The news, the noise, the chatter was all constant, yet the missing stayed missing. It happened to Robert Shetland. He was haunted by his terrible loss, terrorized by the void in his life. But this evil ‘happening’ would not go unanswered. Robert Shetland would not merely be consumed in bottomless fury and loss. He ruthlessly put his hand on the hilt of the sword and pulled it free of the dark rock. With the help of a few good men he would recruit and organize – he would fight back.
VIGILANTES EAST is the darkest and most exciting Harry Krisman Mystery to date, plunging readers headlong into a very real underworld seething just below the surface of our well-ordered, insulated lives. Like Krisman himself, you will not soon forget the opaque horrors erupting in these shadows – or the heroics unleashed by them.


Rush Walters is a comic book-reading teenager looking for all the answers, and he’s willing to look in all the wrong places to get them, too: from calling upon guardian angels to summoning demons, employing tasseography bibliomancy – and black magic – Rush is oblivious to the price he and others must pay for his Faustian desires. RUSH’S DEAL is a headlong dive into the dark side of the quest for knowledge. Part non-visual comic, part alternative history of a forgotten swamp & its cursed residents, A.S. Coomer’s debut novel is an E-ticket ride for intrepid kids of all ages.


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