The Destinations of Raxiera

Jonathan Beale’s poetry is vivid, setting you right into the scene, feeling the words and the emotions deep in the spirit. Every poet has something to say, Jonathan Beale says it with zeal!

Stephen Jarrell Williams


The viewer of art watches the artist paint. The reader of poetry gets the back story. Edward Hopper’s subjects are still and quiet as the moment in which he captures them. Jonathan Beale’s poems get them moving again. He gets them talking, whispering, hurting, and dreaming. He speaks of rituals and cleansing. He tells all about the invisible among us who have disappeared. Lean in and you can hear dark secrets being told on the stairway at 48 rue de Lille. Hopper captures a moment in time, a quietness, a stillness. In The Destinations of Raxiera, Beale re-animates those moments into sparkling language.

Lori Cameron


Capturing the beauty of landmark paintings in vivid words of imagery that paint a picture in their own right, poet Jonathan Beale is truly a master. His words shed light on philosophical concepts that are essential to understanding the universal human experience. With simple yet descriptive word usage and a crisp word flow, his poems are a joy to read and make for a great reading experience.

Annamarie Buonocore


In his wonderful debut poetry collection The Destinations of Raxiera, Jonathan Beale paints striking word pictures based on the art of Edward Hopper. Beale manages to bring to life the beautiful but static images in a non-didactic and allusive way that expands the tiniest visual details into sensitive and engaging linguistic possibilities.

Simon Pinkerton

* * *

The Destinations of Raxiera

…from Hammer & Anvil Books
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Destinations BEALE a


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