Joel Sattler ~ Trois Gnossienne

No. 1

When I look down inside my soul
I see something older than old
Something that had existence long before the world
Was hard and cold
When I look deep inside my heart
I see glimmering in the dark
Something that was intrinsic from the very start
An inner spark
It’s not a sin the flame within is what you are
The mirror sight the hidden light is what you are

I see a star shining inside of me
And I see all the things that I was meant to be
Across the stars up to the endless sea
and fall around the sun throughout eternity
Beyond the night into the white infinity
The promise of eternal love you have the key

Flying high in the sky
Can’t help wondering why
Laws of physics break down
they no longer apply
And everything I thought I knew was not the truth
And everything I thought believed was misconceived

The soul is but a mere illusioning
Resulting from mirage and self-delusioning
The mind is but a misperceptioning
Resulting from a willful self-deceptioning
When Trinity turns in to singularity
then in despair you find your own divinity


No. 2

Everything depends on balance
It’s the ultimate of challenge

50 stories over fire
Keep your feet upon the wire

Care in placing the one foot in front of the other
If you make a mistake there’s no time to recover
No time

So when you began you thought there’s no way you’d ever quit
Or fake it

Now that you’re in the middle you stop and you wonder if
You’ll make it

You’ll make it

On the tightrope you walk on the hard edge of iron
Forces equal and keep your eye on the horizon

One last

All depends upon your talents
Your life hanging in the balance


No. 3

Picnic on the river
Through the looking glass of summer
Uncle Charlie posing
Far away the sound of thunder
You sink in a sort of slumber
Half asleep…..

Lazy afternoon
The bees are busy out of tune
The sky is spinning wild and soon
You’re dizzy dizzy

Suddenly a Rabbit
Coming out from undercover
Chase and when you find him
then his hideout you discover
And so

Falling down the rabbit hole
You should have listened what you’re told
Your speed increases thousandfold
Your mind races out of control
Without fear

Suddenly you have the key
You open to a sea of tears
The Queen arrives and sets you free
Mad Hatter sits you down to tea
And you’re here

But where
is here?

Play the game as if you don’t know what if
You win
Like the Cheshire Cat then all that’s left is
The grin

Follow the White Rabbit
Into your hallucination
And if he inhabits
What was your imagination

Were you dreaming?


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