Marc Vincenz ~ Maximilian Seeking Alpha

& so into dead night with blood scent
some lost Irish wolfhound scours traces
of his alpha blown to tangled shreds,
mortar-mass of sinew, where saplings
will burn sunlit once again, skylarks
& flycatchers sweeping golden dawn.

No creature, but a demon wheezing,
the sink-teeth of rabid mongrel packs
rooting the moor for scraps,
the wind-dead torn from rags
& carrion rain-ripened larvae
squirming alive in flies, bore

of fuselage become ravens’ nest,
rotting wood-wet upon battlements
for into the deep stew of knowledge
into the darkest blood of mud
tumbling into the mire of the infinite
the lone wolf howls into dead night.


Marc Vincenz is of Swiss-British descent, was born in Hong Kong, and worked in China for many years. More recently based out of Iceland, he writes a featured column for The Reykjavik Grapevine, Iceland’s English language newspaper and serves on the editorial board of Open Letter’s Monthly. He is also the Poetry Editor for Mad Hatters’ Review.

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