David M. Buhajla ~ The Last Chronicle of Art Buchinsky

1valse1Art sits in a restaurant booth.
(lasagna, too much ricotta)
He scratches at his salt and
pepper beard. Operating on five
shots of Stolichnaya and a shot
of liquid hydrocodone) A waitress
stands at his table. “You need a
refill?” Art takes a bite of scallop.
A particular and peculiar strain
of The Marburg virus lurks “hungry”,
waiting for human cell wall proteins.
Art belches. The newly mutated strain
is born. (Airborne.) “Yeah, I’ll take
another shot of Stoli and a small
garden salad. I’m trying to watch
my weight.” Art says fifteen minutes
before the small red beads seep from
the corners of his eyes.
David M. Buhajla writes from the Arkansas Ozarks, where he lives with his wife Marci, daughter Maya, and son Judah.

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