DM 100!

mozartskull orig2Poet Peter Weltner,
On DM ~

“One glance is enough to let anyone know that no literary magazine online or in print is like Danse Macabre. Though a cult of the new and different dictates much of what appears in the art world today, Danse is far more original than that. In it, the past communes with the present, Romanticism with Classicism, the gothic with the formal, the fantastic with the real, the dark with the joyful, the playful with the critical. Like no other journal, it delights in its strangeness with spirit and panache.”

neu dm logo mit byline

Peter Baltensperger
Sharon L. Dean
Kane X. Faucher
Rich Ives
Mór Jókai
John Kearns
James Kendley
F. Sheridan Le Fanu
Peter Marra
Dmitri Merejkowski
Elizabeth I. Riseden
Abby Sheaffer
Tom Sheehan
Diego Sieiro
Patty Patten Tiffany
Mark Twain
D. C. Weiser


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