Summertime Fictions from Hammer & Anvil Books

Introducing Jehrico Taxco – part-time businessman, hero junk collector, and leading citizen of the eponymous Bola City, in the wide-open American Southwest of old. In the grand tradition of the Western, Jehrico is a dubious hero, often uncertain of his correctness but blessed with a certain quiet goodness found throughout classic American storytelling. And like his literary forebears, Jehrico is as much a state of mind as a character.
In JEHRICO, author Tom Sheehan (The Westering, the Harry Krisman Mysteries) brings the Western current, speaking to contemporary readers about somehow surviving in a splintering culture and sustaining a secure community in both spirit and place, blending hitherto simple folk into courageous figures seeking lives of their own even while linking hands for the common good. Beyond their manifest charm and lilt, these eleven Jehrico tales richly develop the (con)testing of moral as well as muscular fiber – not so much about the piety of values, but the mix of temperament, chemistry, behavior, and community that molds one’s character, on and off the page.
Journey with JEHRICO into the legendary expanse of the American West, into the warp and woof of our dreams, into the legends awaiting you inside these magical tales.


The sheer immensity of slaughter and dispossession has paralyzed the minds of us all. It has made amnesia a world necessity. How else could anyone have endured the loss of so much that we have loved? To find continuity, to preserve sanity, this has been the heroic struggle of our ignorant murderous age. Douglas Penick’s FROM THE EMPIRE OF FRAGMENTS is a magisterial collection of four short stories and a novella recounting the lives of a Cambodian dancer, a West Indian indigent, an Indian sitar player, an Albanian professor, and an Amazonian native. Their stories deal with love, memory, fidelity and continuity in the face of profound loss. Lovers of short fiction will be entranced by the command of language and sheer human drama used to weave these unforgettable bittersweet tales.


ROWDIES Final Cover
Every pastime has a beginning. Chock full of facts and folklore, legerdemain and legends, ROWDIES depicts professional baseball in its infancy. It is the story of Connie “Yank” Griffin, and out-of-work laborer who becomes a professional base ball player to feed his young family, and team manager G.E. Devlin, universally considered “The Greatest Man Ever to Grace the Diamond”. Together and with the rest of their Nine, they take us on a journey through one season of late nineteenth century professional baseball – a world where beer sold by the quarter is drank by the gallon, where cheating ballplayers will do anything to win – or lose, and where an aging legend can ride the back of a desperate kid towards a final shot at glory in the twilight of his storied career. Fans of historical fiction and lovers of baseball alike will delight in this tale of balls … and strikes.


Miles COVER 3
Adam Henry Carriere’s debut novel takes you on an unforgettable journey through the limbo of covert sexuality between 1970’s teenagers to chronicle a way of life barely imagined by those outside its boundaries. Once its hero, Miles, is initiated into the steamily erotic, nearly psychotic, passions of gay awareness, he thrusts himself compulsively into the arena of young sexuality – and love. He prowls the gilded balconies and shaded bathrooms, the flirtatious beaches and temptatious glens of the city in his feverish attempt to make meaning of his eruptive yearnings. Accompany Miles on his journey and you will be well repaid in pure entertainment. If you think that only one thing can happen between gay teenagers, surprise – and delight – awaits you in MILES.


When a frightened young woman brings a black diamond with inexplicable powers to the door of private detective Jack Harriger, he begins a descent into an occult murder mystery that gets him framed for serial murder and leads him to Georgia’s barrier islands. Along the way he enlists the aid of Liz Mab, a local bartender and practicing witch, who helps Harriger chase clues and overcome his painful past. When Liz is kidnapped, Harriger must take to the sea to stage a daring rescue and crack the case of the mysterious relic known as the Diamond Eye and the murderous cult that covets it.
DIAMOND EYE delivers all we expect and love in a mystery. Along with action, suspense, an overcoat-wearing detective named Harriger, and questions so dark and intriguing we have no choice but to keep on reading, Graves’ skill in winding up the tension and conveying unforgettable characters appears here in full force.” ~ Justin Nicholes, author of ASH DOGS and RIVER DRAGON SKY.


Misery comes in short order, and murder is often a step behind. Too, murder is not particular – certainly not to the Campus de Fleurs-de-Lys, a secret society veiled for centuries deep within the French nation. Using a soldier stained with defeat at Dien Bien Phu as their pawn, the Campus re-emerges in Montreal, Quebec, during the 1960’s. Squaring off against them is Harry Krisman, whose private investigations draw him ever closer to this sinister penumbra. With Les Habitants and their screaming fans as the milieu, MURDER AT THE FORUM introduces mystery mavens and sports fans alike to a new hero from the distant past whose adventures will thrill the house.





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