The Harry Krisman Mysteries

KRISMAN COVER ForumMisery comes in short order, and murder is often a step behind. Too, murder is not particular – certainly not to the Campus de Fleurs-de-Lys, a secret society veiled for centuries deep within the French nation. Using a soldier stained with defeat at Dien Bien Phu as their pawn, the Campus re-emerges in Montreal, Quebec, during the 1960’s. Squaring off against them is Harry Krisman, whose private investigations draw him ever closer to this sinister penumbra. With Les Habitants and their screaming fans as the milieu, MURDER AT THE FORUM introduces mystery mavens and sports fans alike to a new hero from the distant past whose adventures will thrill the house.
“Sheehan’s language skills and his detailed narration combine with his knowledge of the intimate history of the original six team National Hockey League to produce not only a sport classic but one that has the rare specific gravity of polished crime intrigue.”  ~ Donald Junkins


KRISMAN COVER LotteryIntroduced to readers in MURDER AT THE FORUM (“A story with elegance and grace” – Tricia Crisafuli, Faith-Hope-and Fiction) Harry Krisman, failed hockey pro turned detective, returns, hot on the trail of mismanaged lottery funds. In a colorful ocean of avarice and general incompetence, murder comes on the scene – as well as an array of silent enemies of freedom. Their shadowy machinations light a fire under both Harry and a lively corps of faithful citizens who call upon experience in their own wars to combat these villains. Midwest Book Review calls author Tom Sheehan “…the sort of writer who comes along once in a reader’s lifetime.” DEATH OF A LOTTERY FOE, the second Harry Krisman mystery, bears out this praise.


KRISMAN COVER PunishmentHarry Krisman had only gotten to page 2 of the Boston Herald Sports section when the lead picture there struck him: A man in boxer’s trunks, knees on the canvas, astride a helpless foe flat on his back, whose bandaged hands were held up as if they were imploring for the ultimate mercy…which was evilly forthcoming. Soon after, Harry vengefully plunges into the shadows of post-Soviet Ukraine as well as the dank, lethal world of Ultimate Fighting, an ultra-violent, no-holds-barred ‘game’ that mixes martial arts, wrestling, and boxing – to the death. The third Harry Krisman Mystery, DEATH BY PUNISHMENT is a new noir thriller that will captivate mystery and sports fans alike.


KRISMAN COVER Accountable Private detective Harry Krisman, bird lover hockey fanatic and once of Boston Police Department Homicide, has a personal interest in his newest caper. His girlfriend Maxine (aka Max the Most) works for Hinckler, an amiable professor of accounting at a small college near Boston. When the old lecturer is brutally slain, events conspire to suggest the similarly unexpected and unexplained death of Hinckler’s wife years before is far from a ‘closed case’, igniting a pursuit for the real truth behind both murders. AN ACCOUNTABLE DEATH is the latest thriller from acclaimed Massachusetts author Tom Sheehan. Detective and sports fans alike will delight in this mathematical puzzle where death lies in wait for the weary and unaware.


Tom SheehanTom Sheehan, a 28-time Pushcart Prize nominee, is comfortable writing in several different genres and makes it a point to create each and every day. His short stories A Collection of Friends, From the Quickening, In the Garden of Long Shadows, Epic Cures, and Brief Cases, Short Spans all uncannily manage to include a very special character, his hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts. The Westering, an eBook, was nominated for a National Book Award. Sheehan’s poetic ruminations are Ah, Devon Unbowed, The Saugus Book, This Rare Earth & Other Flights, Reflections from Vinegar Hill and the eBook Korean Echoes, which was nominated for a Distinguished Military Award. Cross Trails, coming soon, is his third book of western short stories from Pocol Press, the others being The Nations and Where Skies Grow Wide. Other recognition comes from two Best of the Net Awards for 2015 (KYSO Flash and Right Hand Pointing) and short story awards in 2013 and 2014 from Nazar Look, which also issued his collection, Suns of Guns, Inc., 2015.

Coming July 2016




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