Linda Imbler ~ Dead of Night

While strolling late one night as insomniacs sometimes do, I had a most terrifying and perplexing experience. As I rounded the corner of some hedges, I caught sight of one of my dearest friends, caught in lamplight, some yards away ahead of me. As I opened my mouth to call to her, she suddenly yelled, hugged herself tightly and dropped to the concrete. Before I could take a single step toward her, something landed on the ground next to her.

I heard it speak in a soft, silky voice that seduces, makes you feel safe and warm, reels you in..… “I’m glad to find you here at this time. You see, I must stay out of the light. I only come out at night when evil roams.” It bent quickly over my friend and covered her body with its wings.

Then it rose and as I stood immobilized, it looked at me. I could see the wings, the long nails, flowing hair and tail of a beast. And the eyes, oh yes, the eyes, burning eyes that grip and hold one spellbound. My throat went dry. It remained, silently, and I continued to be frozen with fright. Then, with the strongest effort, I tore my eyes away. I felt a surge of strength in my legs. I fled.

At once, a shadow fell over me. I felt the air from beating wings bearing down, but the shadow passed.

I knew then, I knew what had accosted my friend. What pursues those who are lost, who are helpless: Abchanchu, Upyr, Vampyre.

Somewhat recovering my senses, I realize how much I feared for my friend. I was also recovering some of my courage, I returned to the site where she had fallen. Perhaps some help could be found for her before she became ——-

But strangely, there were no marks upon her neck, she was neither pale nor gaunt. She was slightly stirring. Using my phone, I called for help, emergency came. I made no mention of that supernatural observance.

One week to the day, she and I sat in a diner talking about many things. Suddenly, she told me that after her heart attack felled her, she had a strange dream. Something came, and breathed new life into her as hers was being spent.

At home that night, I thought about what she had said. Could it really have been?

Meanwhile, on the edge of forever, God looked and smiled upon one of his own. “You did well last week, Leliel, you did very well indeed.”


Linda Imbler is the author of several poetry books including The Weather In My Head, Doubt and Truth, and Precious Vibrations. Her published works include the poems “Tomb,” “Man in the Bath,” and “Hands.” Her poetry has been called evocative, provocative and beautiful. She is also trying her hand at short fiction. This writer, yoga practitioner, and acoustic guitar player resides in Wichita, Kansas. Bienvenue au Danse, Linda.



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