Nick Romeo ~ Legacy

all I see is
around me

what still lives
is suspended In space

on a hammock
connecting Earth and Moon

the Sun
has been kidnapped by Pleiades

held for a ransom of
two bushels each:
Wheat, barley, and corn

I own nothing but
yards of skin stitched
To some bones with violin strings

The stockpiled remnants
from a world long gone

I build a fire
to keep
Boreas’ breath at bay

not long ago
I was born

the Yucatán peninsula
in the Chicxulub Crater
carved by the asteroid which
killed the Dinosaurs


Nick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and poet. His poems have been published in The Brentwood Anthology, by Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange, Uppagus, StreetCake Magazine, Eye Contact, upcoming anthology Dangerous to go Alone, and others. Legacy was previously published by Rune Literary Magazine (Spring 2015)



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