Richard Hanson ~ Marble Boys


wave in midday
culled abortive rain
the ulcer
round a steeple coulis
moon the stab
in sneezing sulphur
crept as listless man
and far ‘tween powder stood
long crimson sulphur

dripped down filth
of shard canal
the steeple
cooling ulcer
calm he said
it’s round the steeple
bees sing hymns like this
the silver sulphur
flows the steeple
red sting crimson

pride reflect
my fruitful hands
e caresz sulphur
ensuite slump
the king swim songs of leaking
drip-drip crimson
sulphur squeeze my hearing:
‘that’s what
it felt like that
so limp to the touch’

hearing blood
inch down the ear as silk
in air and lie and turn
but not to care;
laughing losing
paint of conflict cheeks
a meek mandala; peaceless
gutless flower
thing to smear on
every knuckle I measure:
a measure of zero.

rippling truco
in shudder on islands
grope in fleshly fruit;
inedible string no help in burning cords.

sign my apartheid
the sulphur relented
to numb or to question
in waves on my sea.


lono languish
divorce those salted memories;
forget your roots
(I bless myself with every cross)
and sneeze to grin;
redeem the water kept in spring like foam
dissolving scent and i dissolved
beneath the silence watch;
and meek the scene presents itself
supine to both of us
in spectre
lost of word and
haunting spring.

caresz traces in the air
and silence
tile ascending nape snap groaning
daisy ink
and five-pound shard canal;
from acrid notes i sink in paling, faulted
heartbeat lips
you tied to sulphur
rain drops sinking
under tens of silent figures
on the side of death
the silver sulphur
murmur softly
ulcer will not
did not
speak in lilac, fateful notes
no time
no aching time
or not for me.

stitches sink
i nod
my nape cast back
to rest (a sniff) grow lost
and with
and ‘tween
before and since
those marble boys
one by one
to keep me cold.


Richard Hanson wiles away the time with books, study and ink. he likes working with the aesthetics and connotations of language, and favours Beckett, Eliot and Neruda as poets. He is perpetually in need of assistance, and first encountered DM through Duotrope. 



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