Peter Marra ~ A Function of an Orgasm

the way of the wild masks

a theory of sexual and economic repression
the orgone pornography deep within
an impulse a conviction a rejection
attracted pure egos and slammed against multiple automobiles
another roleplay scenario collapsing under pain

is anybody here? say hello to tangible pain intangible pleasure.
a chronic-enabler she engendered such
glorious mind-benders resulting
in a glorification of the absurd
red and white and black and blue
a citizen’s torture: an end in itself
is anybody there?


these creatures from so long ago
the ones that carry those cringe worthy memories
snickering while scampering across kitchen floors
impregnating the aura with their lost time and
rusty nails from nightmares that never fully appeared

still absent from the proceedings:
your conscience
not mine
a zodiac diagram
a circle pierced by a cross
four cryptograms (or ciphers)
the first to be born and the sight of paradise’s slaves
panting in the decayed open markets
Judas of the mansions executing
death machine dance moves that glorify
death trip manifestos
she squirmed and shook as
butterflies fucked
and the zodiac made birthday telephone calls
a proof of the image transformation
from beast to bird to shadow
maybe we’ll hear something
a cheerful tune on the airwaves
this wasn’t her fault
they started it
just one more embarrassing position


her hands were shaking
so undone
the needles wouldn’t go in
spikes eventually pierced veins
then a slow warm stream
it circulated the nervous system
journeying into undiscovered
areas while marking pain-free locations
she had lost control of her body and
she was finally content
she was surprised at the
satisfaction her body had achieved
these two were wasted
her mouth formed shapes and took it all in
as mascara formed designs on her cheeks
working from a ‘score’ system
she had achieved zero tolerance
a sequence of musical composition
it was the basis for undetermined whispers
the tips caressed her hips and gyrations occurred
an climax that she had never seen
a scene of unparalleled sonar climaxes


a gallery of marble
cages of stone cool against
the fingertips and the abdomen
a joy to view the leather paintings
and aluminum sculptures embedded
with ebony wood touching
some bits of chastised flesh
all the more better
all the more better to see and or taste
only the best
synergistic faces kissing in a falling night
within shades of sins elevated to the peak of perfection
a ceremonial wedding
another female mounting
just another male that had been mounted
advertise it: some nudie peeps
advertise it: some experimentation
advertise it: fluorescent fluids and
black light systematic pulsations

she knew she had to protect herself
wrap her cold body in a blanket of
spider webs and pulsating plasma
tickets for the distant killings were sold at a premium
fucking and disregarding public safety
moved away
laughing pummeling the
fluorescent light waves into the ground so
she could reclaim the shadows she
had always been enamored of


authorities identified the crime but
toothless and brainless they couldn’t
bite or figure out how
to perform this action
she let them be since she loved her fugue state
aphasia of the sexual act spun around twice
flung out the window
she was going with the monster’s plan
she smiled
her cravings culminated in
the vehicles’ self-immolation

“an invisible woman can rule the world
nobody will see her come
nobody will see her go
she can hear every secret
she can rob and rape and kill”


she couldn’t scream enough

she was a beguiling ornament brought into custody
just like the police report had stated
sweaty and cool and coated with the enchanting
odor of rejection and a love gone wrong
she always meant well
she had covered the video screen with her black lace
just to give the impression of X-Ray Spex


Peter Marra’s writings explore alienation, addiction, the functions and misuses of love, the curse of secrets, victimization and assorted obsessions. He has had over 200 poems published either in print or online in over 25 journals. His latest published work is approximate lovers (downtown materialaktion) published by Bone Orchard Press. An e-chapbook, peep-o-rama (published by Hammer and Anvil Books) is available as a Kindle Edition at Amazon. Peter has recently completed a new poetry collection Vanished Faces (a performance of occult infections).
A native New Yorker born in Gravesend Brooklyn, Peter currently resides in Jackson Heights Queens. Website:

steamy hunger3

DM du Jour thanks Peter Marra for contributing our 1500th post.


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