wreath1They say good things come to those who wait. Or almost die in the process, as the case may be. Truly, hunger is the most savory of spices, and anticipation the greatest complement to pleasure. DM ~ Weihnachtsmarkt is your supreme literary buffet of feiertagsgeschichten (holiday stories) et poésie saisonnière (seasonal poetry). Lovers of noir coloratura will groan under the weight of bookish delights from around the globe and beyond the grave, the finest fare on the literary web: prose plum puddings spiced with nutmeg and rum, hearty portions of DM’s Prix de Noël winners topped with poetic sprigs of holly, hidden holiday crackers filled with mystery and caprice, flurries of powdered sugar, perhaps the faintest whiff of classical sulfur and that tang of bitter almond…ach du liebe, what a carve-up! Let no e-book reader in your macabrely circles go without DM ~ Weihnachtsmarkt this holiday season!

Weihnachtsmarkt is one of those collections you rarely seem to stumble upon. It is a terrific journey deep into the heart of winter. Contemporary writers of poetry and prose huddle beside literary hidden gems of the past, and blend into the stark surroundings seamlessly. Weihnachtsmarkt reaches to the far corners of the globe, and spans over a century. Each poem weaved and tale spun, resonates profoundly and with poignancy. As Ezra Pound writes in the book’s epigraph, “Winter is icummen in, Lhude sing Goddamm.” ~ Benjamin Blake Evemy, author

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