Stefano Flavoni ~ nicotine dream

bitches brew and kind of blue jeans
packed away in duffel bags.
sit with me, my friend, and i will
share with you a cigarette.

marlboro and oprah know how
branding makes the modern man.
subway stops and old blue flip flops
guide me home, alone, again.

light one up and suck its nectar
down until the well is dry.
wait until your next five minute
break or wait until you die.

cigarettes are empty grunts and
cigars are soliloquies.

either way we smoke alone.

i just wish i could get the smell off my clothes.


Stefano Flavoni (b. Oct 18 1993) is an award-winning orchestra and opera conductor born to a family of Italian immigrants on Long Island, New York. He studied music at the University of California, Berkeley. Stefano has performed in concert internationally and made his Carnegie Hall debut at the age of fourteen. He is currently the principal conductor of the National Youth Choir of China and resides in Shanghai. His influences are Hermann Hesse, Charles Bukowski, and Emily Dickinson. Bienvenue au Danse, Stefano.


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