Jonathan Beale ~ Blind as moles

After Notre Dame No. 2 (1907)

The statement stands – void like a statue –
Within space – without space.
The crippled state of the stone blurred,
From the seam to Babel’s
Misguided ideal to its false reality.
And as a vague part of the daily furniture.
Of they who pass by, on the bus or the tram
Reading books or newspapers.
Or just nonchalantly dreaming along.
In a form of, sui genis there for even the richest.
Why where these statements built?
There for dictates for the poor are no
Dictates at all – only silence as their ears bleed.
As they only seek a thin slice of paradise.

…and just seventeen years before,
A tempestuous restless mind
Commented on a similar scene.
Van Gogh’s ‘The Church at Auvers’ –
Who saw the impeding overshadowment
Of the doorless private members’ club –
He would never he could never enter
Or be invited in to share their cup by deed
As the might of blood spilled
One drop to wash the world – while
The earthly paths lead round to
A doorless Impenetrable man-made Island
Where the inhabitants find
Their own private Eden


Jonathan Beale has 300 plus poems published in such journals as DM, Decanto, Penwood Review, The Screech Owl, DM du Jour, Poetic Diversity, and also; Voices of Israel in English, MiracleEzine, Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal, The Journal, Ink Sweat & Tears, Down in the Dirt, & (Drowning: Down in the Dirt July 13) The English Chicago Review, Mad Swirl, Poetry Cornwall, Leaves of Ink, Ariadne’s Thread, Bijou Poetry Review, Calvary Cross, Deadsnakes Review, The Bitchin Kitsch, The Dawntreader, I am not a Silent Poet, Pyrokinection, Festival of Language, ‘Don’t Be Afraid: An Anthology to Seamus Heaney’, Ygdrasil, the Four Seasons Anthology and The Seventh Quarry. He was commended in Decanto’s and Café Writers Poetry Competitions 2012. He studied philosophy at Birkbeck College London and lives in Surrey, England.
His first collection of poetry, The Destinations of Raxiera, is available from Hammer & Anvil Books.

Destinations BEALE a


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