Goirick Brahmachari ~ Favour


I need a favour. S is going insane.

He wants 100 variables for ranking state excise’s websites. I can’t comprehend a single letter he utters.

I don’t think I can travel with someone who overeats at seminars. The possibility of this travel makes me want to throw up. I am a bit choosy when it comes to my travel partners. It’s 5 am and I am awake to rehearse every bit of this poem that reads loud in my ears, every time I want to sleep.

Deep inside my ears, it amplifies- loud and clear.

May be, Sd is a better choice. I have seen it in their eyes.

Madam, please consider, this is an emergency!

I need to get back to bed before I come back tomorrow to office and report to you.

I too have the right to dance to the cosmic vibrations, about which Allen would probably be able to talk in detail. Yes, I daydream of hell hounds. No, I haven’t tried acid yet. I too could eat the idiot winds when no one is watching. I have a secret fascination for a holiday in Mars. Anyway, I know you will probably just pretend to understand.

But, our friend wants 100 variables! for a bloody index that ranks broken state government websites! And a landscape for a portrait! This is tyranny!

Out here the sun is raging over a 6:35 am sky. This existence makes no sense.

Rivers are already tired of us. I may call upon the mountains as a last resort. This is almost what a landlord does to a farmer.

I hope you understand.

Yours, etc.


Goirick Brahmachari is a writer based in New Delhi. His poems and articles have appeared in various national and international magazines, newspapers.


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