Wendy Schmidt ~ Fifty Shades of Red

Love and lust,
lipstick and lies,
wine and red roses,
firelight and sunset,
blood moon strikes midnight,
strengthens her desire.

Summon an ardent admirer,
poetry read on a scarlet pillow,
auburn hair tumbling down,
pink silk ripped from skin,
flush at the fury,
of such feverish desire.

Passion turns the page,
pricks a finger,
sudden stream,
trickles in time,
to her perfect design.
daring him to bleed.

A paper cut, dark dot,
spot reveals her sin,
akin to sexual potency,
crashing copulation,
strong impulse to touch,
the throbbing pain.

Eyes change,
blue to bloodshot.
Tongue taste of cinnamon spice,
everything nice,
salt and seduction,

Let me see, she says,
and sucks madly.
at the ruby juice,
rich as ripe Pomegranate,
rare as sweet saffron.
Drink until dry.

I spy Redmond,
my dearly departed,
lover not long for this world.
I shan’t miss him.
A fop and forever rusty,
at reciting romantic poetry.

Heart cut to ribbons,
tomato sauce thick,
on top of spaghetti,
all spattered in muscle.
Colorless and cruel,
left to the ruins of no redemption,

Raining Redmond,
or what’s left of him.
She turns on the amber light
to summon her next victim,
blood pressure sores,
heartbeat quickens.

A salesman outside,
enters her domain,
where she is dominant.
slave to no one,
nothing impedes,
her constant need.

Smile, retract, recite,
he is drunk on cherry wine,
and her fine presentation.
He sinks slowly to the floor
and she remember a favorite poem,
better red than dead.


Wendy Schmidt is a native of Wisconsin. She has been writing short stories and poetry for the last ten years. The Four C’s; cat, chocolate, coffee and computer are her chosen writing tools. Pieces have been published in Verse Wisconsin, Chicago Literati, City Lake Poets, Literary Hatchet, Moon Magazine and a number of other poetry and fiction anthologies.
Read more of Wendy’s poetry in DM 94 ~ Orangerie

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