Suvojit Banerjee ~ Andaman

Swerved earthen roads end in
thatched huts and kiss of seashore
and your view gets lost
amidst the fortresses of coconut trees.
The ocean is a mixture of
indigo-green voluptuousness and gray-black
melancholia, and the waves call you
like nymphs and witch-queen.
This is a world resurfaced
out of a forgotten lump of memory that
gets out from that afternoon-wound,
and then never goes away.
The islands are lonely in
a lonely sea that loves with
hurricanes and tsunamis.


Suvojit Banerjee has seen twenty seven summers, but he doesn’t remember all of them; his existence is torn between the suburbs in West Bengal he grew up in, and the city called Kolkata he now lives in. The city adorns many masks, and so does he, while roaming around its streets with the eyes as a journal and his soul as a pen. He is searching for answers in this surreal yet slimy maze, but the questions keep on changing every time.
He started writing early, but found his niche in his early twenties. His works have been published in many Indian and International journals and magazines like eFiction India, The Camel Saloon, The Word Couch, HackWriters, Voices de la Luna, The Silver Birch Press and The Stray Branch. He currently works in a software company, and is a lead writer/reviewer for a technology website. His blog however represents a more chronological evolution, or decay of his writings.
He found Danse Macabre through his friend Sheikha A., whose writings have been published in the magazine and who recommended it for him. It was an instant liking, and felt like something he wished to be part of.

Goa monsoon


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