Stephanie Bryant Anderson ~ The Hanging Field

Though we never stopped, we stared
from the backseat of our car—

our flat-bottom boat—at the body darting
from the end of a rope. I remember the road,

its lines, yellow and broken, the crowd
and a hare-shaped cloud.

Now the field comes back into view:

I’ve dreamt a horse into the field, or the horse
in my dream came to save me—no

hollow knight—but the horse,
and I climbed onto his back to keep from

suffocating. But it was more than that—
I was trying to suffocate myself & this crazy

beautiful horse came running into the field
and his wild body kept me from hanging.

In the sky the scent of tobacco paraded,
and the magpies flew their black kites.


Stephanie Bryant Anderson is the founder of Red Paint Hill Publishing. She has worked also as editor with Up the Staircase Quarterly, Inkception Books, and she served on the Editorial Board for The Manatee, Southern New Hampshire University’s literary journal. Nominated for Best of the Net, storySouth Million Writers Award, and twice for the Pushcart Prize, Stephanie is the mother to two amazing boys. Besides poetry she enjoys kickboxing and math.
The Hanging Field appears in Stephanie’s collection Monozygotic | Codependent (Blue Hour Press, 2015).

Thornton Flora 7Read more of Stephanie’s poetry in DM 93 ~ Fiori Scura


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