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ROWDIES Final CoverEvery pastime has a beginning. Chock full of facts and folklore, legerdemain and legends, ROWDIES depicts professional baseball in its infancy. It is the story of Connie “Yank” Griffin, and out-of-work laborer who becomes a professional base ball player to feed his young family, and team manager G.E. Devlin, universally considered “The Greatest Man Ever to Grace the Diamond”. Together and with the rest of their Nine, they take us on a journey through one season of late nineteenth century professional baseball – a world where beer sold by the quarter is drank by the gallon, where cheating ballplayers will do anything to win – or lose, and where an aging legend can ride the back of a desperate kid towards a final shot at glory in the twilight of his storied career. Both a historical fiction and a celebration of the game of – and life in – baseball, ROWDIES is a sky box seat to sun-drenched entertainment in the grandest American tradition.

PUNCH Penick Cover 1Punch and Judy, the deeply beloved English children’s comedy is, at heart, a relentless account of a mass murderer’s happy exploits. In PUNCH IN HIS TIMEThe Monstrous Eschaton, Punch’s innate, jolly madness is re-imagined to its homicidal apotheosis within the outwardly comforting scaffolds of friendship, family, fatherhood, and, ultimately, justice. A script both unforgiving and unforgettable, PUNCH IN ITS TIME is a searing indictment of the social & psychological pestilence of violence, casting a jaundiced (and quite possibly bruised) eye on how society costumes our primal instincts with theatrical aplomb for starring performances in a pantomime of hidden horror.

KRISMAN COVER AccountableHarry Krisman has a personal interest in his newest caper. His girlfriend Maxine (aka Max the Most) works for Hinckler, an amiable professor of accounting at a small college near Boston. When the old lecturer is brutally slain, events conspire to suggest the similarly unexpected and unexplained death of Hinckler’s wife years before is far from a ‘closed case’, igniting a pursuit for the real truth behind both murders. AN ACCOUNTABLE DEATH is the latest thriller from acclaimed Massachusetts author Tom Sheehan in his Harry Krisman Mystery series. A fresh sports-infused detective procedural amid the jungles of academe and mystic New England landscapes, AN ACCOUNTABLE DEATH is mathematical puzzle where death lies in wait for the weary and unaware.

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