Ed Coonce ~ Wiener Tweetin’

Hey, boys and girls, wanna have some fun?
Your workday give you a beatin’?
Then all you need do is turn on your cam
and do some wiener tweetin’

Wiener tweetin’s the next big thing
you can do it anywhere
In the living room or kitchen
or a motel in Eau Claire

You don’t need a face, or even legs
or a nicely polished greetin’
all you do is drop your drawers
and start your wiener tweetin’

It’s the funnest thing in the whole wide world
No matter what they say
A wiener tweet’s a nice little break
from an ordinary day

Now wiener tweets don’t take too long
a minute, maybe two
So if you’ll just pick up your phone
This wiener tweet’s for you!


Ed Coonce writes from East Hell’s Kitchen, California.



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