Olivia McGill ~ The wedding caterer the draft extinguisher


The wedding caterer
hears the same songs
and sees the same smiles
every shift
the smiles of recognition
and then the true smiles
of moments in a timeline
and he witnesses this moment
over and over
and over
ABC 123
rock lobster
twist and shout
and he serves rice pilaf
and roast chicken with lemon


at home he searches for air drafts
catches them like mice
with his nervous paws
and stuffs them
with blankets and towels and sponges
In the night when he sleeps
he wakes up when he hears one
and hunts for it in the darkness
and then there is another one
and another and another
and even the ones he’s caught
seep icy air into his room
but now it’s just slower
more silent


Olivia McGill is a young poet from Hell’s Kitchen who currently lives in Brooklyn. She was raised mostly on Broadway musicals, Irish pubs, and the starkness of post-industrial Youngstown, Ohio. She currently writes mostly at a diner called Star on 18th. She also frequents Westway Diner, where she hosts a Writers on Writing book club for the public. She incorporates her knowledge of cognitive psychology into much of her work. Her work has been featured in Ant vs. Whale literary magazine, and at many dinners and diners throughout New York City.
Read more of Olivia’s poetry in DM 91 ~ Kinderszenen

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