Sheikha A. ~ Simple Complexity

I have been dreaming a little too vividly;
evidently, the astral activities are told to
best survive when socked up, tossed into
freshly oiled drawers of a new day advising
concise revelations of past eve’s promiscuous
eccentricities (if queried about) in its auxiliary,
smoky stages – feigning the events of many
nights’ sleep walking – dismissing them as bold,
adventurous peculiarities. The slippers pushed
under the bed, feet ingeniously concealed
under a pair of socks, walking all day on
padded carpets of sanity, you believe, will
mollify the errancy of ‘my condition’. Before
hushing me into morality – your definition
of an awakening – teach me to be awake,
not an amnesiac repining forgetfulness
on a tight rope of lunacy. My socks sodden
with relinquished attempts to iterate
the trajectories I leave – the only way
to find the path back to my half-sleeping self.


Sheikha A. is the author of SPACED (Hammer & Anvil Books, 2013). More of her poetry appears in DM 91 ~ Kinderszenen.

Sheikha SPACED


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