C. P. Pathak ~ A Night with Moon

My shadow walks along with me
I doubt it is me or thee
Who has created this world
Full of snare beauty to see
Under the moon with its comely grace
Unstoppable hours and frosty night in their pace
I look at and the cheer sky smiles
All the pains slept and no sign for miles
I feel all relaxed and befitted here
Closed my eyes if it breaks in fear
My gossip starts with uncanny lives
With My true partner my soul jives
I keep walking with moon in night
An unconditioned love at first sight
I told every hidden or unhidden
In real world which is forbidden
And they whispered in my ears
As if on barren land a pariah rears
I forget all cunning tricks I learnt
An angel came out and devil burnt

When everybody sleeps she comes
Shattering her beauty all around
The world takes a milky bath
All palpitating lives get relief
Pouring love and calmness
Cool, calm, peace giving celestial feeling
When everybody sleeps she comes

But no longer it takes a sojourn
The parijaat became the fern
Demon clouds came and beauty disappears
Her loves become mourn and night appears
Cruel world spread its wings once again
Innocence goes off and wickedness gains
Milky bath stops and no more meditation
no separation of heart and mind but participation


C.P. Pathak hails from India.


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