Scott Sloan ~ Trion Re

A clandestine meeting of molten fires
Form this crystalline being,
Birthed from the most penetrating blaze
Molded, shaped, sculpted, and twisted.
His maker carefully crafted
His every being; his whole nature
Intent on bringing peace and joy to the land
How did he not foresee what was to transpire?
Elongated and elegant, yet stout and proud
His form represents all that he is-
Clear for his directness; his transparency
Blue to show the world how to live true
White to show Man how to live right
Black for all his men that never made it back
The Assassin of Ascension
The Ninja of Knowledge
Trion Re, the Blue Lotus
Warrior Monk of renowned wisdom
His message is that of love and adoration
To share what we have with all those we love
“In Lak’esh” he lives, “You are another me” explained
The fluidity of his Sacred dance is divine
in time and human in nature
The love, the loss, battle and scars
In and out, no one can heal you but you, he has you realize
The flow of his dynamic; his gentle breath
feels your lungs with power and purpose
Having been forged in the fire, he shines in the light
Hostility and anger are always there,
because we don’t always care
About those closest to our heart, so we yell
and scream, like we are far apart
But creative artistry and forgiveness go far
When you remember who you truly are
“In Lak’esh” you are another me
Love me, adore me, let’s be free
Sometimes harsh, sometimes sweet
Sometimes you’re knocked off of your feet
Are you part of the masquerade, or are you the Master?
The master of this beautiful disaster
A disaster of a crystalline caster
Forged in the flames breathed to life by the fire
Light the world with your beauty
Reach your wildest desire.
Stories are told and poems are read
Songs and spirits dizzy one’s head
But the Blue Lotus brings vague clarity, you see
Easy is the idea, but difficult the way
To live truly as one should, each and every day
The road is long and the path is great
But why am I wrong to participate?
Blaze a path, wide and true
Those who gather will follow suit
Around and around this mortal coil
Lamented, demented, tormented toil
We breathe poison, we eat poison
Have a cold drink of rot
Live like a machine, day in and day out
Drive your machine down to In and Out
“This is not the real way” whispered the rumbly voice of Trion Re
Be free, live free
Play hard and love often
Share and care for one another
For truly at some point, they are your sister or your brother
There is much freedom and truth that surrounds the Blue Lotus
You can hear the words, all one must do is focus
Listen to what is being channeled through
The thoughts, the feels
He is another you
The wisdom and cunning that at this point have bled through
The words that form matter
They come from you


Scott Sloan is a nine year USMC vet, Culinarian, metal art sculpture fabricator. “I’ve lived in Vegas since July ’14, with my wife, where we moved here from Oceanside, Ca to build large art sculptures for music festivals.”



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