Mike Iglic ~ A Sun Tent on a Ship

The ship swayed back and forth, like a palm tree in a storm, waves smashing onto port side. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, since it had rained for the last three days without rest. Roger and Sandra had gotten aboard the ship five days prior, when the skies were clear. They’d watched the weather channel every morning before work during the weeks prior, and no weatherperson had mentioned rainfall. The old man with grey hair and an ill fitting brown suit made it clear that there would be a span of time when it would be rainless. That time had come for Roger and Sandra, who were now hiding from the violent droplets of water in their sun tent, under a small section of the ship where the roof hung over the walls, and over the deck. They were waiting for the rain to persist, just long enough to walk back to their rooms.

“Here we are, Sandra. Under the rain like a couple of idiots,” Roger said.

“Oh come on, Roger, this is fun, adventurous, even.” Sandra replied.

“Adventurous?” Roger repeated, one eyebrow raised, “No. This is not adventurous at all. It’s just really uncomfortable and boring. We’ve sat here for three days. If I didn’t set up my plastic water bottle outside of the tent, we’d be dead.”

“Don’t exaggerate, Roger, you can’t die in three days.”



“I guarantee you, if it wasn’t for my quick wit, we would have died of thirst.”

“You really believe that, don’t you?”

Roger sighed. The audible waves were falling into the realm of silence for him now, just as the sound of one’s own breathing would.

Rogers eyes widened, “I just thought of something!”

“What?” Sandra asked, matching his excitement.

“The entrance to the main part of the ship is less than a two minute jog from here.”

Sandra looked at Roger judgmentally, “what are you suggesting?”

“I think what I’m suggesting is pretty obvious.”

“You want me, a pregnant woman, to jog on slippery wooden planks?”

Roger thought about it for a second, “look, if you’re scared of slipping, I can carry you.”

“I don’t see what’s wrong with waiting here.”

“The problem is that I paid good money for this cruise, and we’re wasting it on an artificial camping trip.”

“These things happen. At least no one get’s hurt, you know?”

“If I carry you, no one will get hurt.”

“If you slip on the wet planks, I fall, too. And more importantly, the baby falls.”

“Alright, I can walk.” responded Roger.

“But that will take longer.”

“It may take four minutes instead of two, it’s no big deal.”

“No big deal?” Sandra repeated, now rummaging through her purse, “Four is two twice. It would take twice as long to get under the roof.”

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we’ll get there safe and sound.”

“But it’s raining.”

“Yes, it’s raining water. Water is not going to harm you.”

“Think of the baby, Roger!”

“The baby is fine, the water can not harm him.”

“You don’t know that,” Sandra responded, grabbing a pair of straws from her purse, “the water might influence the baby. He might grow up a criminal for all we know.”

“He’s not going to grow up a criminal. We’re good parents.”

“Parenting has nothing to do with how a child turns out,” Sandra said, “What matters is that the child doesn’t get exposed to impure things.”

The rain was still coming down, just not with such force. The sun’s rays were now partially visible behind the grey storm clouds.

“See, it’s about to stop,” Sandra said, “in fifteen minutes, we’ll be in the comfort of our room.”

“I guess we will,” Roger said, sipping his unfiltered rain water.


Mike Iglic writes from Ontario, Canada.

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