The voices of spring are calling!

Frühlingsstimmen celebrates the abundance of voices from around the world and beyond the grave that spring forth with coloratura brio, whether through drama, humour, or poetic music. Drawn from the pages of Danse Macabre – An Online Literary Magazine, connoisseurs of multihued letters will be enchanted by the ample selection of literary entertainments awaiting them in this e-anthology of the macabrely.DMddGalerie d’Artistes

Stephanie Bryant Anderson ~ Denise Baer
Honoré de Balzac ~ Helen Catherine Calcutt
Walter Conley ~ Ed Coonce
Stephen Crane ~ Justin Erhlich
Mike Finley ~ Katerina Fretwell
Richard Godwin ~ Abha Iyengar
Paul Lamb ~ Ben Langhinrichs
Linda Lerner ~ Bill Mayer
Elizabeth F.A. Meaney ~ Pierre Mieux
Mark A. Murphy ~ Tomás Ó Cárthaigh
Terry Pearce ~ DLW Pesavento
Matthew Preston ~ Aline Rahbany
Mary Shelley ~ Karunamay Sinha
Pete Sipchen ~ Judy Swann
Thuy Truong ~ Jeanann Verlee
Marc Vincenz ~ Deborah Walker
Jeffrey M. Wallmann ~ Peter Weltner
Virginia Woolf

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DM ~ Frühlingsstimmen
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