Chris LaMay-West ~ Secret Washington

In Spring in Secret Washington all those pretty cherry blossoms hide hideous exigencies.

What do you think they were trying to keep inside when they built the Department of Defense as a giant pentagram? Where do you think it escaped to when the sacred circle was breached by a plane on that September morning?

That was not a Bible open on the stand inside the ruined wall.

In Secret Washington, NASA is trying to keep us from getting to Mars for ten very good reasons. The first two alone would drive anyone who knew them mad. This has by and large already happened.

To give you a hint about the Novo Ordo Seclorum, there is more than one world holding the New Order together.

The eye inside the pyramid has been watching for longer than you know.

In Secret Washington JFK said he wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and scatter the CIA to the four winds. He was dead within six months.

Androids are more sophisticated than you realize. It is no accident that they had to keep Cheney out of direct sunlight.

Ronald, Wilson & Reagan each have 6 letters and we are still living under the Mark of that Beast.

In Secret Washington, the Chupacabras and Mothman have their own handlers at Langley. Sasquatch is not even up for discussion.

The statue of Lincoln in the Memorial is hollow, and I can not tell you what’s inside.

What goes on in the basement of the Smithsonian at night is unspeakable.

Every day Secret Washington becomes a little more open. The things that everybody suspects but nobody knows soon will be plain to see.

And the nations shall look on them and mourn.


Chris LaMay-West believes in the power of rock music, Beat poetry, and the sanctity of Star Trek. He has appeared in Kitchen Sink and Morbid Curiosity, in various online venues including the Rumpus and the online edition of Opium, and in the Mortified reading series. A California native, Chris recently expatriated to Vermont, where he writes, works for a college, serves as the assistant poetry editor for Mud Season Review, and lives with his lovely bride and two cats. His exploits, literary and other, can be followed at:
Further poetry by Chris will appear in DM 89 ~ Alptraume opening Fri 6 Apr @


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